In 2018, while still a student, I took the leap into entrepreneurship. This suits me perfectly. I take pride in and enjoy working on beautiful interior projects and all the new ideas that emerge. I love helping people create a comfortable living environment.

Energetic, spontaneous, caring, and filled with passion.







With enthusiasm and creativity, I work on diverse tasks within SIX, from marketing to Photoshop, interior projects to print materials.

All the way from France, I work at SIX with love, exploring various possibilities to unlock the full potential of an interior and provide the customer with a dream home.


In 2021 afgestudeerd voor mijn master interieurarchitectuur aan de Universiteit van Hasselt en in hetzelfde jaar mijn droom als onderneemster in vervulling laten gaan met SIX. Ook al ben ik gespecialiseerd in retail interieurs, ontwerpen maken voor particulieren doe ik met evenveel passie! Ik hou enorm van de verscheidenheid in dit vak qua projecten, opdrachtgevers, stijlen, etc. En daarnaast doe ik het allemaal om een lach op iemands gezicht te toveren!

Oprecht, sociaal, meelevend & probleemoplosser.

HEY, ik ben Britt - interieurarchitecte

The foundation for SIX Interiors & Design was laid by Amber during her studies in 2018, although her company was then named Amber Buisman Interior Design. After years of solo entrepreneurship, I yearned for more: bigger, better, stronger. A great team where strengths and creative minds could be combined. With the creatives in our company, we can offer more to the customer, a package deal from start to finish. We combine and create, all to help people. With our wonderful profession, we not only provide you with a comfortable interior but also a pleasant experience that makes you happy.

Inspiring and complementing each other? Check. Utilizing each other's strengths? Check. Creating beautiful designs together? Check. And having a lot of fun in the process. We want to continue our journey with SIX, together with you. Are you in?


An interior should tell a story, inspire you, and, above all, make you experience something. With this vision in mind, SIX was born. We believe that an interior should not only be beautiful but also have a deeper meaning. After all, it's the place where you want to recharge after a long day at work, where you want to enjoy every day, and where you want to create beautiful memories.

In addition, SIX also stands for our SIX core values. You, as the customer, are at the center of the design process for us. It's a collaborative process with a lot of involvement from both sides. We can empathize with your dreams and wishes very well, allowing us to create versatile designs. With our expertise and that of our network, we ensure a good result. And all of this, of course, with our full dedication.

The Story Behind SIX


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Omschrijf hier mijlpaal 2018

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We'd love to meet with you at your convenience to introduce ourselves and show you what we can do for you. If you're as enthusiastic as we are afterward, let's embark on this journey together and bring your interior with all your wishes to life.

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