We can understand that a complete overhaul is not always necessary. Sometimes, small adjustments, such as a new wall color or rearranging the furniture, can give your entire interior the boost it needs. That's why we've specially curated these additional services and products for you, so that you can transform your interior to your liking in a short period of time.

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The brainstorm session is perfect if you want quick wins for your interior! Prior to the session, you will receive a questionnaire that we will use as preparation for our meeting. The session takes place at your home location and lasts approximately 2 hours. We come to you with a bag full of colors and materials and discuss any issues or challenges you are facing. We will provide advice and insights as best as we can so that you can take immediate steps towards a new and pleasant interior!

"We have found our collaboration with Amber to be very pleasant. She listened to our living preferences and provided appropriate advice. Thanks!"

"We received very helpful advice on the layout and color scheme of our industrial/rustic living room and kitchen! Very happy with it!"

Reviews following a brainstorming session

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How to create a warm and inviting interior with small changes.

The question we almost always receive from our valued customers. How do you create that harmony and warmth in your interior? That's why we've decided to create a free e-book so that you can have the exact tools we use in all our designs. After reading the e-book, we hope to further inspire you with some very useful interior tips.


How to create more warmth in your interior

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